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Elite High Class Magic for Your next EVENT


My name is Vladimir. I am a professional magician from Croatia. The areas of work to which I have dedicated my education.  I work intensely are cards (close up magic tricks) and magic tricks for children suitable for any profile. In the last 25 years I have participated in major events for magicians, including the FISM. I participated in congresses both as a visitor and as a contestant. As a contestant, I won first place in 1991 and in 2007 in the category of card tricks.

Michael Vincent

My role model is definitely the magnificent Michael Vincent who is also a friend of mine of many years, and a person who a see as a brother. I personally invited him to the capital of Croatia to hold a lecture and make a guest appearance at a gala that I organized and sponsored as an event for magicians. Gathering around 60 national and international amateur and professional magicians. The event was officially titled „Magic Weekend in Zagreb 2014“.

I like to simplify every trick to make it look more accessible, natural and easier to watch. Thus, I am not trying to demonstrate my superiority over the audience, but acting on a level which the spectators chose themselves.

Elite High Class Magic Show

Elite High Class Magic Show is title that I use for performances before renowned dignitaries with the aim of providing excellent magician entertainment right in front of them.

My magic tricks are a fusion of psychology, body language and magician art packed together into a wonderful program. Super High Class programs with active participation of the audience with the aim of extraordinary entertainment.

My work

The places I mostly perform at are casinos, corporate events, promotion events, and I occasionally act as a double for actors when a „card stunt“ is required, and the actor cannot perform it realistically himself. If you would like to get to know me better or book a program, be sure to contact my PR or management which handle the negotiations in relation to performances.

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